Thursday, July 06, 2006

Getting to another place....

I've been working out with Terri on and off for 2 years. I first came to Terri after a loooong winter that included lots of Ben and Jerrys. I had gained an icky 15 to 20 pounds and hadn't worked out consistently in years! After 2 or maybe 3 months I lost the weight. I just started
looking and feeling better. It was so fulfilling and quite honestly a joyful process. It was showing up and putting in the time that did it. I started drinking lots of water and eating better (although the eating better part is something I still sturggle with off and on) It wasn't only the weight that changed though. My body started to change. It got stronger and more defined. I remember about a year ago I was getting my hair cut and my back and shoulders were exposed. The person cutting my hair said "Do you work out? Your shoulders are amazing." I was totally
flattered and surprised, and all I could think about was my time spent with Terri....endless push ups, shoulder presses, dips, etc. My body had changed. It wasn't about what the scale said anymore.

After several months I wound up taking a break from Terri. Life gets hectic in NYC and it's not always easy working it all in. The first month off from Terri I still felt really good and was pretty active, but didn't work out consistently. After some time, I wound up back at Terri's building on what we had already started. I felt stronger each and every session, and there was a time when I was eating pretty darn healthy. I took one more break for 4 months and here
I am back at Terri's as of last week. I let myself go a bit as bad habits crept back in, and, as always, my struggle with food bit me in the butt. There are so many things I need to work on with my body, but Terri helped me get to a place where I still feel strong even though I have a way to go. I can go to the beach and wear a bikini and not feel terrible, but I really want to get beyond average/not overweight body to lean, tight, and smokin... I hope I'm on my way. I would say I know I'm on my way, but I tend to sabotage myself time and again.


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