Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's too hot outside :)

Terri is awesome. She is so in tune with whatever is going on in your life both physically and emotionally. She pushes you, takes care of you, and then pushes you again. I've been exhausted of late and the summer heat does not help. It's clear that I'm dehydrated and my strength is not up to par. The workout today has left me feeling much better. I love the feeling in my thighs right after I do a set of lunges. If only I loved doing the lunges :) I have this fantasy that I will wake up and do three sets of lunges every morning and 3 sets before I go to bed. Then my thighs and butt will be as I want them. Maybe it will all start when I wake up tomorrow :) While I work on that fantasy, Terri remains my reality and at least I do the lunges with her.


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